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     ICVision offers various services covering the entire spectrum  of

     the product development life cycle:




  • MRD (Market Requirement Document)
  • Designing the product specification
  • System requirements
  • Product description and satellite materials such as release notes, white papers, solution papers and competitive analysis.

     Project Management- we offer our leadership and experience by taking the overall 

     responsibility for the technical, timing, budget and sub-contractor issues.


     ATP- in addition to managing the project, we offer integration services which include 

     testing/validation  and building acceptance testing both internally and for outbound purpose.


     Pre-sales- our services in the sales process include pre-sales activities to support the sales 

     force, such as handling the preliminary exposure to the company offering (the RFI) along with 

     the RFP process and in between preparing/performing in-depth presentations to the customers.


     Post-sales Process-we offer the establishing of a better customer support process, better 

     company-distributor/rep relationships, knowledge database, and training/seminar preparation.


     RFI/RFP- we offer to write RFI/RFP for carriers and service-providers and analyze the 



     Competitive Analysis- companies that feel threatened by competitors (and most do) will 

     benefit from our competitive analysis services; we offer the whole process starting from SWOT 

     analysis, using the objective (internal) strength/weakness and subjective (external) competitive 



     Network and Service Planning- our technological experience intensively covers VoIP, where 

     we offer network and service (IP Telephony) planning, interfacing with other services (OSS, 

     subscribers), bandwidth and QoS design and deployment.

     In addition we have vast experience in ATM, MPLS, IMS and IPTV services.


     Training Services- either in-house or off-site, we offer training in VoIP technology, advanced 

     communications, protocols and services (VoIP Course, VoIP Testing Methods, SIP Course).


     Services for startup companies (Presentation)


For our customers that need additional services and useful information we recommend to visit these WEB-Sites: 

Louis Frydman provides Data Communications and Networking Consultancy, including:

  • LAN and WAN Network Design
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network and Security Auditing
  • Data Communications Training


Appelfeld Zer Law Firm specializes in Intellectual Property law, including drafting, filing and prosecution of patent, design, and trademark applications, as well as litigation, and commercial law. Appelfeld Zer is one of the fastest growing High Tech related law firms.  



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