Advantages (Presentation)


ICVision presents substantial benefits for companies, driving them to achieve their goals:


  •  TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) can be reduced dramatically. Companies improve their focus, free internal resources for other purposes and gain a risk-sharing model.


  • ICVision offers its customers a reliable and professional outsourcing partner, taking into consideration various factors such as commitment to quality and performance, fast ROI, references/reputation, flexible contract terms per project, additional value-added capabilities, cultural matches, technical skills, market trend insight and existing relationships.


  • To minimize capital expenses, ICVision offers services to support penetration to new markets by providing vital functions such as Pre-sales, Marketing and forming the necessary bridge between the company and the market.


  • ICVision can help lower the cost structure of its customers by utilizing ICVision's relative advantage, which is based on specialization. Harnessing ICVision's capabilities for the benefit of the enterprise is likely to result in a reduction of operating costs and an increase in the customer's competitive advantage.


  •  ICVision allows the organization to redirect its resources, from non-core activities toward activities that serve the customer and that are of a greater value-generating nature.


By providing our add-on services, ICVision enables the customer to focus on its core business.


ICVision provides a win-win model:

  • Reduce your TCO
  • Best Price/Performance project-based expenses
  • Vast experience for fast ROI
  • Immediate productivity and outcome
  • World-wide connections 



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